Your city. Your way. Can ya dig it?

The Dig City App is an app for iOS and Android, along with a powerful website, database and back end system packaged into a franchise collective available to highly motivated entrepreneurs!

Available on App Store, Google Play & the Web

DiG City App Story

what it is, and where it's at

The Start

With over 30 years in the technology business, DiG City App principals have build companies, designed enterprise level system, and powered successful businesses.

The Now

Imminently launching in the Niagara Region as while,, are in full start up mode, anticipated to hit their markets in Q1 2019

The Future

The future of DiG City App is to continue with our franchise model, and grow through our partnerships with motivated driven franchisees.

The Apps

iOS and Android


DiG your city

Each franchise is region specific. The app leased in your collective allows you to input, arrange and promote businesses in your region. Restaurants, hotels, events, stores all are arranged to your category choices. You list these business, and charge them a fee for added services. While the basic addition is always FREE to the business owner, special announcements, feature listings and deal purchases are your primary revenue streams.

  • Business pay to Feature
  • Companies subscribe to Modify
  • Entities list a Deal and revenue share
  • Other parties Advertise in the app

Who is it for?

The Group Buying Deal apps currently on the market, offer 1 thing. A deal. The only reason to use that app is to save money. Your DiG City App collective is used by every day people who need a guide to eat, play, stay and enjoy your city! They don't need to be looking for great deal to go to your app. They just need a nice handy directory on their phone, of quality businesses in your area. But they can always score a deal while they are there!

  • Users find great places to visit
  • Directions within the app
  • Full contact info and photos
  • Save favorites
  • Get a great deal from companies!

Can ya dig it?
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user testimonials

these people dig it...


Tara C.

Great name for a handy app! Using DigNiagara and lovin it!


Ana N.

I have found a couple good deals for places we wanted to try. It was nice to be able to use the deals any time!


Kevin B.

Was visiting Niagara, and used the DiGNiagara app. Lots of quality places we didn't know about....thanks


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